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Carl Schwartz, Jr.,  Esq

It will be our legacy to have

secured the freedoms we inherited for our children's children.  

Carl J. Schwartz, Jr., Esq.,

Lead Counsel, New York Stands Up!

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Pam Popper

Together we can restore our freedoms, rescue our communities, and make sure that this never happens again!

Pam Popper, Founder

Make Americans Free Again

Listen to Pam's conference call with NY Stands Up!

Pam Popper NYSU Part 1
Pam Popper NYSU Part 2
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Patricia Finn

If we win here in New York, it will ripple across the United States and hopefully internationally.

Patricia Finn, Esq. P.C.

The Good Health Lawyer

Listen to Patti's interview with Jason Goodman.

NY Stands Up! files Lawsuit

Please note there were some technical issues in the beginning of this interview which are resolved around the 9 minutes in.

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